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Phone Bank
Phone Bank From Home
Saturday July 4 and 17 other days
Thank you for phone banking with our team! If you have not made calls from home with us before, please sign up for one of our Phone Bank Training events. Please also note that shift times are approximate.
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Voter Protection Poll Observer Training
Monday July 6
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
This year, Republicans are more brazen than ever, using any means necessary to protect their otherwise unpopular candidates—including misinforming and intimidating potential voters. We need Poll Observers at the front lines protecting the integrity of the democratic process. This training will prepare Poll Observers to go to key polling places on Election Days to ensure that voting is happening as it should and to attend vote canvasses to ensure every ballot is properly counted.
MA Dems Week of Action - Phone Bank with Training
Monday July 6 and 3 other days
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VoteBuilder/VAN 101
Wednesday July 8 and 3 other days
An introductory VAN training will be followed by an open-ended Q+A. Even if you are a more experienced VAN user, please feel free to join and ask questions during the Q+A.
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Out of State Phone Bank Training
Saturday July 11
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Learn how to Phone Bank from home!
Run Local Online Training
Thursday July 16 and 1 other day
Interactive video conference training about running a smart, successful campaign for local office in Maine. Whether you're a candidate yourself or helping a friend who is running - join us!
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