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Brennan Barrington

I am an engineering graduate student at the University of Maine and a lifelong Democrat.

Platform Amendment: Military Spending Amendment
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Platform Amendment: Police Accountability Amendment
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Carl Pease

Experience: In my 40 years of service to the Maine Democratic Party, I have participated in every level of the party; municipal, county, and state. During those years, I have served as a Municipal Chair, County Vice-Chair, Parliamentarian of the DSC and the State Convention. I presently serve as a member of the DSC and as Vice-Chair of the Rules Committee.

Vision: I believe in a Democratic Party that is transparent in its operations. I want every level of our party to include as many people as possible and make decisions and develop positions inclusively and democratically. I believe in a state party that helps build infrastructure to support the growth of municipal and county committees and encourages the growth of organized Democratic constituencies, both traditional, like unions, and new, like the Somali community of Maine. Most importantly, I believe in a party that not only wins elections but remembers that the purpose for winning elections is to govern. This is the kind of party I have worked for and will continue to work for if you elect me to the DSC.

My name is Carl E. Pease and I am asking for your vote for the DSC.

Platform Amendment: 10th Paragraph Economic Justice
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Platform Amendment: Amendment to First Paragraph
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Platform Amendment: Sixth Paragraph Election Reform
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Rebecca Millett

I was All in for Warren. I publicly endorsed her candidacy as state senator and actively recruited other public figures' endorsements. I served as the moderator for her Maine for Warren online community, as a member of her All in for Warren Leaders, and as a national text team leader, and I texted and called tens of thousands voters across the country and knocked doors. Sen. Warren and her brilliant, indepth plans are as important today as when she was running and I would love to help support incorporating her vision and her humanity into the national convention and platform.

I have a long history of public service including creating a grassroots public education advocacy group, working for many years as a volunteer and then officer for our town's democratic committee, serving on the school board and most recently serving as state senator. I fight for equity, fairness, and justice.

Platform Amendment: Public health
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Kathy Bouchard

My name is Kathy Bouchard and I live in Scarborough. I grew up in Auburn and have spent most of my adult life in the Greater Portland area.

I was elected to the State Committee in 2016. In addition to participating in state committee meetings, I also attend town meetings, county meetings and political activist events. I collected signatures for Ranked Choice Voting. I write letters to the editor (, drive local candidates door-to-door and canvass to help get out the vote. I was asked to be in charge of fundraising for the second time at our local caucus. I hope to be reelected as a State Committee member.

I was a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the State Convention in Lewiston in 2016. I trust Bernie Sanders to work in the best interests of the people and not be beholden to big money contributors and corporations. I like his campaign’s sincerity: “Not me, US”. I am running to be a delegate for Bernie Sanders again at our State Convention in Bangor and, hopefully, at the National Convention in Milwaukee.

I believe that we accomplish goals by working together. No matter whom you support, we must come together to get out the vote and do our part to defeat the corruption that is taking over our democracy.

Platform Amendment: Gun Ownership
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Christopher Johnson

Platform Amendment: Government is not the problem
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Deane Rykerson

For the past eight years, I have been representing the people of Kittery in the Maine State House. Every session I have sponsored bills to expand voting rights including ‘The Interstate Compact for the National Popular Vote’. I have been active in the Seacoast Democrats for over a decade and knocked on tens of thousands of doors in many campaigns. I was a Bernie delegate to the National Convention in 2016. I believe the Electoral College should reflect the will of the people and all of the people should have the right to vote.

Platform Amendment: Pricing Carbon
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Jay Philbrick

My name is Jay Raj Philbrick, and I am a senior in high school. Although I am only 17 years old, I have been fortunate enough to engage with politics numerous times throughout my life. Perhaps my most transformative experience was last summer, when I worked as a Page, on the floor of the United States Senate. Although I appreciated the opportunity, I came to see the ways that our federal government ignored common sense change in favor of the status quo. Every single day, a Democratic Senator pleaded with his colleagues to allow Medicare to negotiate its drug prices, a common-sense measure adopted by nearly every other first-world country that would reduce drug prices for our most vulnerable, our senior citizens. And every day, his colleagues ignored him, in favor of a system that robs people of the ability to retire with dignity.

It is common sense, progressive ideas that help the people of this nation that our party needs to embrace if we want to win the White House and down-ballot races this November. It may require taking on special interests and moneyed donors, but I believe that our party is the last thing standing up for working people in this country, and they in turn make this nation great. We must be frank, bold, and progressive to reclaim the soul of this nation.


- Trustee of the Maine School of Science and Mathematics

- Volunteer, Bernie 2020 campaign, Member, Worker Solidarity task force, Organizer, Students for Bernie

- Founder, Let ME Vote, a group which organizes voter registration drives in high schools across the state of Maine

- Volunteer, Jamaal Bowman for Congress campaign

- Page for the United States Senate and Maine Delegate to the United States Senate Youth Program

- Maine Director, Telehealth Access for Seniors, a group which collects old electronic devices and donates them to local VA hospitals and primary care providers to provide telehealth access to low-income seniors.

Platform Amendment: Ranked Choice Voting
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Jeremiah Rancourt

Platform Amendment: ProtectingourchildrenGunsafety
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William Weber

My name is Bill Weber and I live in Portland Maine with my wife Ann. We have two sons that went through the Portland Public School system and that we are immensely proud of. Their grandfather used to call them his “Maine Potatoes.” I love my community and the state of Maine. I have worked in the environmental field for over forty years, cleaning up hazardous waste sites around the country and providing renewable energy strategies to municipal and commercial clients.

Several years ago I became familiar with an organization called the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) that is advancing a bi-partisan plan in the US Congress to reduce greenhouse gases. The effects of climate change on our environment we can see and feel daily. I and many others believe that a market-based Carbon Fee and Dividend policy would drastically reduce emissions, create jobs, and support small businesses and families across Maine and across the nation. Last year the Portland City Council voted unanimously to endorse the CCL carbon fee and dividend proposal.

I propose we make a small edit to the current Climate Change (paragraph 7) plank. The language is general and not very specific but recognizes that economics and equity must be addressed to combat climate change. Add the following sentence: “We recognize that we must realign our economic system to preserve our future in the face of climate change.”

Platform Amendment: Market Solutionto Climate Change
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Damon Yakovleff

Platform Amendment: Green New Deal
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Platform Amendment: Relief Recovery and Reform
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Burt Wartell

Platform Amendment: Indivisible MDI additions
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