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Autumn Texting Outreach
Wednesday September 22 and 8 other dates
Autumn Texting Outreach Help get as many Dems and progressives into our texting list before new national carrier rules take effect in October that will keep us from texting people who haven't already opted in to receive our texts. So let's get those opt-ins while the gettin's good! Texting will be a key way we keep in touch with our voters and recruit volunteers for the 2022 elections. Here's how it works: You sign up for a day, and have 12 hours between 10AM and 8PM to send your texts. W…
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Run Local
Thursday September 23 and 1 other date
Learn what it takes to run a winning campaign for local office! Whether you're running, thinking about running, or supporting someone running for local office, this training is for you!
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