State Convention Petitions

If you are interested in running for Presidential Elector, National Delegate, Democratic National Committee Member, or Democratic State Committee Member at the State Convention, the petition forms needed to do so can be found here. There are also petition forms for Charter Amendments and Platform Amendments. Once people submit their information, you can also see who is circulating petitions and which petitions have been completed.

View Petitions

You can view a list of all the people who have requested or submitted petitions. If you are a Delegate or an Alternate, please review this list before you arrive at the State Convention.

View Active Petitions

Petition Tools

This system allows you to print personalized petitions, post a photo and bio on this website to promote yourself, and send an email to all people who can sign your petition.

This email tool was developed to allow people seeking petition signatures to contact Delegates and Alternates without distributing the personal contact information of the Delegates and Alternates.


Blank Petitions

If you want a blank copy of a petition, you can get it here. However, it is recommended that you enroll with the Petition Tools instead to fill out your petition automatically and help promote it with Delegates and Alternates.

Download Blank Petitions